A new Grand Junction business on North Avenue that's all about pie, is also a huge fan of Pi. So, to celebrate the mathematical constant's official holiday, they're ready with their specialty.

International Pi Day is celebrated every March 14th because Pi in its shortest form recognized as 3.14. Get it? Here are some fun facts about Pi.

  • Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. It's called an irrational number which means its exact value is unknowable.
  • Only 66% of Americans surveyed know what Pi is.
  • Pi is pronounced the same as pie.
  • 55% of Americans plan on doing something to celebrate Pi Day
  • The most popular way of celebrating Pi day is by eating pie or Pi themed food.
grand valley pie co exterior
Ed Chandler

The Grand Valley Pie Company, originally in Palisade, recently moved into one of the retail spaces at 545 North Avenue and offers not just dessert and fruit pies, but a whole lot more. While the selection of pies isn't infinite like Pi, you may still have a hard time deciding on which one to take home.

Those looking for dessert decadence can try one of the creampies, or the nutty sweetness of a pecan pie. Don't need a whole pie? They also have mini pies and hand pies.

Courtesy Grand Valley Pie Co.
Courtesy Grand Valley Pie Co.

Also, there are Savory Saturdays where a specialty pie is featured. Since this Saturday is St. Patrick's Day, Maggie, the owner of the shop, says she's preparing corned beef and cabbage savory pies.

In addition to the North Avenue store and online ordering, Grand Valley Pie Co. will be taking their pies on the road to local Farmers Markets and Food Truck Fridays.

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