The secret to a perfect pie crust probably isn't in your pantry, but if you use this ingredient along with a great recipe, it will help you bake a light and flaky crust for almost any pie.

You' find the secret ingredient you're looking for in your liquor cabinet. It's vodka. According to Lifehacker, using ice-cold vodka instead of water makes the dough easy to work with. Most of the alcohol evaporates during baking which makes a lighter flakier crust.

With many favored vodkas available, you could also match or compliment the pie filling  with a lightly flavored crust.

You can also mix the vodka and water 50/50 and still come out with a good pie crust.

While vodka may help make a better pie crust, there's really a lot more to the perfect crust than alcohol. If you really want to become a pie crust expert, Serious Eats shows you the science of a great pie crust. After all, great cooks are really just great chemists with food.

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