For a long time, I had zero interest in ever visiting a spa, finally, I quit putting it down and I finally understand why they are so popular. While I will never be signing up for a facial or mud mask a deep tissue massage can make your body feel so much better. Now I'm finding out that someone in Colorado is getting creative and opened a 'beer spa' and I think I might be hooked on going to the spa now.

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The team at KDVR spilled the details on the new concept that has popped up in Denver, and even with the COVID rules in place, the business is booming. Each weekend for the next two months is booked, even though the business does have lots of customer contact.

What do you do at the Beer Spa?

The goal of the whole business is to have their customers relax and enjoy a delicious beer. You could sit in a hot tub and take down your favorite brew, which sounds like a pretty fantastic way to spend your day.

How does a Beer Spa stay sanitary?

At the end of each use, the spa itself will automatically drain. Then employees scrub the entire tub before replacing a tea bag within the tub and refilling it with water before the next customers are allowed to jump in.

With a concept like this, it won't be long until husbands start tagging along with their wives for a spa day. If you want to know more about the new Beer Spa in Denver click here to check out their website.

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