This video is a poignant example of exactly what a nurse is and does and why we should recognize them during this very special week.

Nurses are often the lifeline between patients, doctors and their families. This week, we pay special tribute to those health professionals who have what may be one of the most difficult jobs in medicine.

Along with a grueling education, nurses have to learn how to deal with both life and death in a way most of us can never imagine.

I know, because I have witnessed with my mother, and now my daughter, the type of person who can truly earn the title of nurse.

I think back at the emotional devastation experienced by my daughter after her first experience with the  death of one of her patients. I asked myself, why anyone would subject themselves to the that, knowing that caring for a person in need might not be enough to save them?

The answer, because these people truly have a calling to do everything they can to make life better, more comfortable, and in the end, remain totally optimistic, knowing their patient may or may not survive.

To those who have chosen nursing as a career, a salute. You are indeed very special to the the entire community.

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