Television moms have been a part of the fabric of our culture for decades, and to celebrate Mothers Day, I'm sharing my five favorite television sitcom moms of all time.

Sometimes television is a reflection of our society- and sometimes our culture mirrors television portrayals and situations. Often times, though, it is the exaggeration of characters and situations that make us laugh. They aren't intended to be real-life portrayals.

Sure, they make us laugh - that's their job. But, there is something about these moms that is very endearing, and having "grown up" with some of them, we relate to them in a special way and we maybe even feel close to them.

With that in mind, here are my five favorite television sitcom moms of all times. It's possible you will see some of yourself in each of these five classic TV moms.

  • 1

    Clair Huxtable

    The Cosby Show

    Calm, cool, collected- that's Clair Huxtable. She's quiet but very smart, and very well spoken. Nothing gets past Clair, whether it's a sneaky teenager or her conniving husband. She's got class, even when she has to administer a heaping of tough love.

  • 2

    Marion Cunningham

    Happy Days

    How could you have a list of best television moms and not include Marion Cunningham. Marion was sweet, loving, practical, and naive. And, once in a while, like in this clip - she could be pretty feisty.

  • 3

    Jill Taylor

    Home Improvement

    Jill Taylor faced the challenge that lots of mothers face - in addition to dealing with three immature boys growing up, she has an immature husband, too. There was no question Jill loved her family. She was tough when she had to be, supplied needed encouragement and support when necessary, and often times provided the voice of reason.

  • 4

    Debra Barone

    Everybody Loves Raymond

    As much crap as Debra deals with from Ray it's a wonder she has any love and affection left, but she manages to lay it all aside when it comes to the kids. And, like most moms,she is anxious for that special bonding moment when her kid actually opens up and wants to talk to her about a problem.

  • 5

    Carol Brady

    The Brady Bunch

    Of course, we have to include the incomparable Carol Brady in our list of best television moms. Carol was very even tempered, sympathetic, loving, and understanding. Almost TOO perfect. But, the fact is, she's the kind of mom every kid would love to have.