Oh, my word ... I didn't just do that ... Did I?

Yes, yes I did. I just told my son to hit his younger brother. What kind of mom says that kind of thing. Umm ... that would be me. The first of many "mom fails" in my young mom lifetime.

If only that would have been my last mom fail. Ugh. It was not. I have many, unfortunately.

For instants, I was trying to cheer my little boy up when he was sad. He hated leaving me. Kindergarten was a real struggle as he cried and held onto my leg for dear life.

I started singing to him, "Mommy's got a big 'ole butt, oh yeah," and boy did I have a big butt while I hit his hip and he went flying into the dirt.

Crying and scratched up he looked up to me like, "why would you do that?" Seriously felt bad about that one. Ugh.

I felt better once Y'all chimed in with your mom fails. Thank goodness I'm not the only one with a "mom fail" out there.

At least I never shut the door on my child's head ... haha ... only kidding. I've done worse.

We have several doozies here. I feel much better.

A little mother's day humor. Enjoy.

Happy Mother's Day to Y'all.

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