With Mother's Day coming around, it's important to remember that mama knows best. (Maybe not all the time, but act like it on Mother's Day.) These are the best pieces of advice that Grand Junction has ever received from their mom.

Yo mama is so wise -- she actually gives some really good advice. After asking you to share the best piece of advice that your mom gave you on our Facebook, I feel like I should listen to my mom more.

Cheri Innis says that this is the best mom advice she's received, which is a nice reminder that quitting just isn't an option in life:

Always keep going! Even when you are sick or tired, keep going.

Wes Brandon told us his mom really reinforces that whole 'earning it' thing:

If you want something, you need to earn it.

Shawna Bassler shared a piece of advice from her mom that instantly made me laugh and think about my mama:

Do as I say, not as I did.

My coworker, Waylon Jordan, said that his mom gave him a little nontraditional advice:

Quit being such a prude.

Bobbi Jackson says that his mom told him something we all need to remember sometimes: (Also we don't like them either.)

Not everyone in this world is going to like you!

Here's some more great advice, straight from the mothership:

  • Two wrongs, don't make a right
  • Love yourself
  • Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see and the truth will prevail
  • Pick your battles

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