The Museum of Western Colorado needs a truck. Not just any truck, but a heavy duty truck that's powerful and large enough to to transport dinosaurs.

Until now, the museum has relied on gracious volunteers who've offered their trucks to haul fossils out of their quarries.

But like most of us, even with the graciousness of others always willing to help, after 30 years, the museum is feeling like they are taking advantage of the generosity of those who have provided the vehicles.

So, they've decided it's time to find their own 'dino-hauler' and are looking to the community for help. What they need is a tough but gently used truck.

Specifically, a 3/4 ton 4x4 crew/super cab truck ready to tow trailers is needed to handle dinosaur hauling from the quarries.

A generous benefactor willing to donate a truck would be incredible, but the museum is also fundraising with a goal of $30,000 to buy one using fundraising website, Razzoo.

This truck will also assist with ongoing paleontology research, expeditions, and the museum's children and family 'Paleontologist for a Day' programs.

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