Colorado has, without a doubt, some of the most, if not the most beautiful sunsets on Earth. And here is the proof. But what is it about Colorado sunsets that make them so beautiful?

Some will say it's the elevation that does it. The way the clouds stretch and how the sun slowly sinks behind the mountains make for some amazing views, to say the least.

Some say it's the fact that the weather changes all the time, leaving us breathless with some of the stormier sunsets we experience.

So where can you find the most beautiful sunsets in the most beautiful state in the Union? The answer to that questions lies in the one beholding the sunset. Where do you like to view them?

For me, I love the view from Fruita, where it's open and beautiful with the Monument as one back drop. And the view to the west as it sets is amazing.

Let us know where your favorite place to watch them is. Better yet, post your pics of it and we'll share them all!

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