There are a lot of reasons to love Grand Junction.

I've talked about this a hundred times before. It's not that Grand Junction is perfect, no municipality is. The negative stuff tends to get way more attention than all the stuff that's good, but, for at least a day, we are going to nothing but give our hometown some love.

Of course, we have beautiful surroundings, a ton of great festivals and local events, a beautiful downtown area, great parks, a ton of restaurants, a university, and great weather, just to name a few of the attractive qualities about Grand Junction.

I asked the question on Facebook, what's the best thing about living in Grand Junction? The list is about half as long as it would have been had I asked about the worst thing about living here. But, I am grateful for all of the positive contributions.

I just can't imagine someone living in the Grand Valley and not thinking how blessed we are to see nature's scenery on a daily basis. Oh, and all that fresh produce is a huge bonus.

It's been said a company is only as good as its people. The same is true of a community, and Grand Junction is blessed to have a lot of great people.

A lot of people have been raised in Grand Junction and then raised their kids here. Laura's family is one shining example of people who obviously love the Grand Valley.

Of course, everyone has their favorite stores and restaurants that help make Grand Junction a special place.

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