Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) are investigating the death of a moose near Meeker that was shot and killed, but not reported to wildlife officials.

The dead moose was discovered east of Meeker near Moeller Creek and County Road 115 by a hunter on October 23. The hunter reported the find to Operation Game Thief.

CPW officials believe the moose was killed during the opening of the second deer and elk hunting season on either October 21 or 22.

This was a very nice bull and it's a shame all that meat was wasted. We know accidents can occur during a hunt and we take prompt self-reporting into account in cases like this. The responsible party still has time to do the right thing and contact us right away to let us know what happened. But if we have to continue tracking the person or persons down, they can expect to face the full brunt of the law."

In Colorado, willfully destroying the big game and abandoning it can bring felony charges. For moose, a felony conviction can result in up to one year in jail, a fine exceeding $30,000, and lifetime revocation of hunting and fishing in Colorado and several other states.

McGee asks anyone who was in the area where the moose was found that may have information, even if they think it is a minor detail, to contact CPW at 970-942-7055.

Reports can also be filed anonymously through Operation Game Thief at 877-265-6648, or email

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