When you live in the west, you know that life can change literally overnight. People in a Utah community learned this recently as they woke up to learn their neighborhood had been taken over by a very large visitor.

The Centerville Police Department shared the story of how they had to corral a moose who had come for a visit.

If you're not familiar with Centerville, Utah, it's in a beautiful area near Bountiful. Looking at the map, there's no secret where this moose came from.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View
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You would have to guess that the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources would be a fun job to have. You just never know when a neighborhood full of human beings will suddenly be ruled by Bullwinkle. Fortunately in this situation, no people or moose were harmed and this big guy/gal can be returned to moose country up in the mountains.

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