The classrooms in Montrose and Olathe are empty but the learning process is moving forward.

With schools out until at least April 30, the Montrose County School District is extremely active in carrying on the learning process and has initiated a remote learning plan for the next few weeks beginning April 13. As we are in unprecedented times, the current circumstances are definitely challenging for the school district.

Since the closure of schools, students have been offered optional learning opportunities while the district formulated a plan and investigated device and internet access needed for remote learning.

For elementary students, the district is offering both online and offline opportunities. Offline learning includes paper packets involving literacy and math skills. Those packets need to be completed and returned by May 8.

Online opportunities are available to elementary students who have internet access. Families are being encouraged to take advantage of free or low-cost internet options that are available in the area. Online learning is being tailored to each individual student and is clearly the preferred course of action whenever possible.

For secondary students, assignments will be posted in Google Classroom and students are expected to interact with their teachers to know what the assignments are and where to post them for a grade.

According to a release from the school district, school work will be assigned Monday through Thursday with no assignments or school tasks given on Fridays.

Families are expected to prepare by picking up elementary packets at the designated time and location. Grade 3,4, and 4 should pick up a device, and parents need to complete a survey by Friday.

Parents of secondary students need to make sure kids have a device and can access Google Classroom and have access to the internet or cellular network.

School work will be assigned Monday through Thursday, while Friday will be used by students to catch up on anything they missed, while teachers will prepare for the following week. Students are expected to spend about 3 hours a day on their classes and they are also being encouraged to be engaged daily in physical activities, art, music, and games.

Lunch and breakfast is being provided daily via drive-thru/walk-up at designated locations and times.

There's a ton more information about the remote learning plan from the Montrose County School District. It certainly isn't business as usual, but, at least it's business and our students' education is moving forward.

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