Anytime we start talking about the best or the worst of anything we open up a large can of ooey-gooey slimy worms, which is exactly why we do it. And when it comes to music, opinions and tastes are as varied as the flavors in a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The 1970s ushered in a new era of music, a new sound, lots of great music, and plenty of songs we just love to hate. Everyone has their own list, so let's compare notes. Think for a moment about your own personal list of the worst songs of the 70s, and see if we have any matches.

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    MUSKRAT LOVE- Captain & Tennille

    With apologies to the Captain and Miss Toni - you know I'm a huge fan, but I have to slip this into the top five. A song that emits images of two furry animals nuzzling up, nibbling on bacon, and chewing on cheese is just too much for my imagination to handle.

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    FEELINGS - Morris Albert

    This top 10 hit from 1975 should have been banned from radio before it ever hit the airwaves. At the very least, the song should not be played without the disclaimer "Caution: May cause drowsiness. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while listening to this song." If ever there was a song dripping with sappiness, this is it.

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    MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS - Maria Muldaur

    From her 1973 debut album, Maria found the top 10 with this single, but it would be her only appearance there. This song is so awful, we can only be grateful that there wasn't another one like it."Send your camel to bed" and "cactus is our friend",  "you won't need a camel...when I take you for a ride", "I'll be your belly dancer, prancer, you'll be my sheik." Need I say more?

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    SEND IN THE CLOWNS - Judy Collins

    This 1975 "hit" barely broke the top 40, but received a ton of air play. This song is as slow as molasses in Alaska and must have caused countless listeners to smash their radios as they grew impatient for this tortuous song to get to the end.

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    LOVIN' YOU - Minnie Riperton

    In one of the most unbelievable turn of events in the history of Billboard, Minnie coaxed this song to the top of the charts, where it spent one painful week at #1. Some would say it is a sweet love song, but I can't hear the message of the song through the pain in my ears. This tops our list of the worst songs of the 1970s.