We are all very familiar with the United Way of Mesa County and the things they do in the community, but who are these people?

I can tell you from personal experience they are some of the most wonderful, dedicated people I have ever had the pleasure to have known and worked with. The passion these folks have for this community is inspiring to many of us, which is why United Way of Mesa County continues to raise funds for programs that benefit Mesa County.

But let's take a look at the people.

Julie Hinkson - Executive Director

A graduate of CMU, Julie leads Mesa County United Way with strength, personality, and above all a love for the area and the people here.

That being said, Julie is a heckuva lotta fun to work with. The fundraising ideas she comes up with, creative and fun, and the people she gets to join in on that fun are some of the reasons Mesa County United Way achieves their goals year after year. I have personally been involved in a number of fundraisers, and Julie is the only one who ever got me to dress up. In a number of costumes.  I've had several opportunities to work with Julie on a few fundraisers and not only is she one sharp individual, she is a lot of fun.

Lindy Hodges - Resource Development Manager

Lindy has found her niche in the nonprofit world and she is very good at what she does. She loves serving the community and is also heavily involved in sports with her kids. You get the feeling already these folks are really cool to work with and around don't you?

Abby Landmeier - Manager of Community Funding and Volunteers

Abby's background is in social work, so the love and dedication have been there for a long time. Give her less than five minutes and she will find a way to connect with you!

Jeannie Smith - Business Manager

Jeannie keeps the office running. And she loves being able to make an impact with Mesa County United Way. As do all who are associated with this incredible organization.

Honora Thompson - Marketing and Events Manager

Honora's voice is the one you will hear every now and then on the Most Music Morning Show with Zane Matthews. She is always willing to come talk about what they are all doing, and how it will better the community.

Now that you know who Mesa County United Way is, we hope it will make it easier to help them with what they do. We are grateful for these ladies and the jobs they do to try and improve the quality life in Mesa County. If you really want to help, try getting involved with these fine people at their next event.

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