In a state where much of the average person's free time is outdoors, it makes sense that more people would get skin cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 1,900 people will be diagnosed with skin cancer while another 120 are expected to die from it.

Sobering statistics to be sure, but preventable.

Skin cancer doesn't care how old you are. It hits people of all ages but yet it can be avoided.

But it helps to know the warning signs of melanoma so let's take a look at what some of them are.

First of all, know the ABCDE rule.

If you have a mole or birthmark for example and half of it doesn't look like the other half, you may want to get checks, as "A" stands for Asymmetry, one huge way of detecting the possibility of melanoma. "B means check the border. Is the area around it blurred, ragged or irregular? "C" is the color of it. It may have different shades of color around it or within it. Different shades of black or brown, red or pink. "D" is the diameter. If it's bigger than 6 millimeters across, or around the size of a pencil eraser you may want to get it looked at. Keep in mind they are occasionally smaller than this as well. ANd finally "E" is for evolving. If it changes shape or color, this is definitely a warning sign you will want to get looked at.

Make sure you check often and remember to wear sunscreen when you go out. SPF 30 is suggested as this blocks of much of the harmful U.V. rays.



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