The first of several planned meetings to discuss a possible community recreation center in Grand Junction has been scheduled.

A collaborative effort is underway between Grand Junction Parks and Recreation and PLACE (People for Local Activities and Community Enrichment). These two entities are working on a feasibility study for a potential rec center and are inviting public input.

The first of several planned meetings are scheduled for January 18 at 5:30 pm at Faith Heights Church at 28 1/4 Road and Patterson. Questions can be directed to Recreation Superintendent Traci Weiland at 970-254-3846.

We see rec centers built in surrounding communities like Fruita, Delta, and Montrose, but for some reason, Grand Junction has not been one of them. Seems like it would be a great benefit to the community.

Whether it actually becomes reality remains to be seen, but every dream has to start somewhere. If you support the idea of a community rec center in Grand Junction I would encourage you to attend this meeting or one of the others that will be held in the coming weeks.

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