A man in Cortez is recovering from injuries received in a cat fight. To make this clear, the man got into a fight with a cat.

The man, Bobby McClain, wasn't looking for a fight. The cat, on the other hand, was. According to reports, McClain, who lives in California, was visiting his brother Thomas McClain who lives in Cortez.

While he was doing some work on a neighbor's garage, McClain saw a cat lying on it's back and making noises that sounded like it was hurt.

When McClain went to see what he could do to help the cat, it jumped up and attacked him scratching and biting his face and head. McClain managed to get the cat off of his head, but not before he was cut up enough to have to have to get medical attention.

Altogether, McClain received cuts to his face, ears, left arm an right hand. Some of the cuts were severe enough to require staple sutures.

A first, McClain and his brother thought the cat was one of the feral cats in the neighborhood. It is now believed the cat is a neighbor's domestic house cat named Midnight.

Even though the cat wasn't positively identified, the owner of the suspected cat put it in the care of a friend, at least until McClain heads back to California.

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