A man in Durango flashed a woman working at a gas station while returning their bathroom key. After he flashed her, he gave her his name and phone number.

On Sunday a man was arrested for exposing his genitals to a woman at a gas station without her contest, according to the Durango Herald.

The man, Kyle McCaw, went into the gas station and asked the woman working there for their key to the bathroom. Whenever he was returning the key, he held it in one hand next to his penis, which he was holding with the other hand.

Kyle obviously wanted her to look at his genitals, which she tried to ignore. According to the Durango Herald, Kyle left for a bit, and then came back to make small talk -- while still holding his genitals in his hand as she made coffee.

After a few minutes, he drove away, but not before he left his name and his phone number with the woman working at the gas station.

I have a very strong feeling that she won't be calling him. She did call the cops though and after identifying him on social media, Kyle was arrested.

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