Did you know that located in the heart of a Louisville, Kentucky shopping center, there's a cemetery hidden in plain sight?  I had no idea, but it's kind of bananas. Recently I was scrolling Facebook and saw a friend had shared a video from a person named Dustin Tucker.  In the video, Dustin shows a fairly normal shopping center, but located outside is a bunch of bushes.  A quick peek between the bushes and you can see a few graves.

The shopping plaza is located southeast of downtown Louisville near the intersection of I-264 and Breckenridge Lane.

The discovery surprised many who first saw the video on Facebook:

Dude I live in st Matt’s.
I go to that bookstore and when I’m hungover, that McDonald’s ALL THE TIME.
I had no freaking idea that was there.
I just thought they were bushes lol
That’s wild. I honestly have driven by that thousands of times and never knew it was there.

It's surprisingly uncommon to see shopping centers sprout up around cemeteries as suburbia sprawled and overtook farmland and small family plots. Facebook commentors detailed many other hidden cemeteries around Metro Lousiville:

There a sacred Indian burial ground in the middle of UPS worldport by the airport. Protected land. So they had to build around it.

Yes there are family cemeteries everywhere in Kentucky. There are a cemetery in Louisville Zoo... and in Kentucky Fairground next to the west wing.

There’s also a revolutionary war veteran buried in the zoo. My mom showed me this cemetery in this shopping cemetery years ago.

Hidden in Plain Sight- Cemetery In the Middle of Louisville Shopping Center

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