Cemeteries throughout the state of Colorado are meant to give us the chance to remember those we have lost, but some are downright scary and give nightmares.

It may be hard to make many people believe that paranormal activity does occur. But those that do believe it sense danger when they encounter some areas throughout the state, and many cemeteries are no different.

You're saying you aren't a believer? We understand your trepidation, but after learning about these cemetery locations throughout the state, there is a good chance you would end up changing your mind.

The website Only In Your State has a comprehensive listing of cemeteries throughout Colorado that will spook you as soon as you pull into the entrance or park at the side of the road. These are the ones that have plenty of history behind them, much of which was bad as it was originally constructed.

Here are the five cemeteries throughout Colorado that you should stop by if you want to get a sense of the afterworld, and the ghosts that enter it.

Or maybe these are the cemeteries you want to steer clear from if you don't need to be there.

Either way, you've been forewarned...




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