The unthinkable happened for me. I lost my wallet. Not only was my driver's license in there, but my Social Security card and my pay card. This is going to take some time to replace.

Reason 1 - You Have No Identification

You obviously know who you are, and your bank or lending institution may even know who you are. But without that ID, you can't accomplish anything. The Colorado DMV states that, in order to get your license, you have to have your Social Security Card. And I don't. So that means ...

You can apply online for a replacement card if you have a copy of your driver's license. Well, I don't. So they have numerous steps you need to go through in order to get that replaced. If you don't have your ID, there are ways to get around it, but this will probably take awhile.

Technically I have a license, but since I am unable to present it, it's the same thing. So if I were to be pulled over by Grand Junction's finest, they will give me 24 hours to produce it, or I will have to pay a fine on top of the fine I would have to pay for the infraction.

Reason 4 - You Can't Cash a Check

True fact. Without some sort of picture ID, you can't cash a check. Anywhere. Even if the bank your check is written on is a local bank. Without proper identification, you can't conduct business.

Reason 5 - It Just Sucks

Looking at the instructions for replacing these items, one overall picture is clear. You can't get one without the other. You can't get an ID without a Social Security card and you can't get a card without an ID. Well, you can but the time it takes grows exponentially. I have lost sleep and weight, of course, trying to find the thing, but ultimately I will have to bite the bullet and get them all replaced.

I will let you know when it all gets done and we can see, together, just how long it takes to get these taken care of.

One more thing. Don't lose your wallet.

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