Everybody knows about the extreme drought conditions in western Colorado, but seeing it in pictures is eye-opening.

Blue Mesa Levels Are Low

Western Colorado is home to the state's largest body of water - Blue Mesa Reservoir - located between Montrose and Gunnison. The massive lake that spans 20 miles and boasts 96 miles of shoreline is a huge attraction for fishing and boating enthusiasts, but recreational usage of the water is being impacted by the drought. The low water level is evident when you see the shoreline.

Elk Creek Marina Closes This Weekend

The National Park Service says the popular Elk Creek Marina will close at the end of business on Sunday, August 21 because of the increasing low-water conditions at Blue Mesa Reservoir. The NPS will be moving the marina to deeper water, which means there will be no access to the Elk Creek ramp until the completion of construction.

The good news is Lake Fork Marina will stay open thru Labor Day. The NPS says the ramp at Lake Fork will become unusable around September 10.

Colorado River Water Shortage

Coloradoans are seeing the impact of the drought on the state's rivers and lakes. Earlier this week, for the first time ever, the US government declared a water shortage on the Colorado River. According to BBC, Lake Mead near Las Vegas, the Colorado Rive'rs largest reservoir is draining at an alarming rate. The reservoir is at its lowest level since it was created in the 1930s.

Blue Mesa Reservoir is just one example of how Colorado is being impacted by drought conditions. I took the photos below of Blue Mesa Reservoir and was shocked at how low the water level is.


How Low Is the Water Level At Blue Mesa Reservoir?

As the extreme drought continues in western Colorado, the effects can be seen in Colorado lakes and reservoirs like the ever-popular Blue Mesa Reservoir. The lake is still being used for recreation, but you can clearly see how low the water level is in these photos taken just a few days ago.

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