For over 30 years, Sammy Hudson has been shining shoes in Grand Junction, but last week Sammy shined his last pair of shoes.

Sadly, on Friday, May 19th, Sammy went to sleep for the last time at his shoeshine stand in the lobby of Alpine Bank in downtown Grand Junction. At first, according to eyewitnesses, it was believed Sammy was simply taking a nap, but then it was discovered he had died right there in his chair.

Sammy used to shine shoes at the Doubletree but moved to the Alpine Bank building in 2009 where his stand was set up downstairs. According to a bank employee, Sammy was moved upstairs into the bank lobby just last year.

Sammy was loved by everyone who knew him, and some would even have coffee with him at his stand. It's doubtful that Sammy knew how much he was loved and how many lives he has impacted with his kind spirit.

A picture of Sammy with flowers are set up at his stand at Alpine Bank, as well as a message board for people to write their expressions of love, goodwill, and sympathy. A celebration of life service for Sammy is scheduled for Saturday, May 27 at the Grand Vista Hotel.

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