There are quite a few places in Wyoming that we're famous for. For instance, we have the country's first national park in Yellowstone, the country's first national monument in Devils Tower, the Hot Springs in Thermopolis and of course, the tourist attraction to the rich and famous that is Jackson.

But there are several other Cowboy State attractions, two of which I had never heard of before until just recently. They are Dinghies in the Desert and Mama Mimi the troll.

Hull’s Half Acre: A Dozen Dinghies in the Desert, was created by an artist that goes by the pseudonym, Greg Wymoing. Yes, that is indeed the correct spelling of his moniker. According to a recent article from Powell Tribune, the weird spelling is just a way for him to protect his anonymity. The awesome boat sculpture is located on Highway 310 (locally known as Ash Street), in Frannie, Wyoming.

Mama Mimi, the troll, was built by a Danish artist named, Thomas Dambo. Along with a complete team led Dambo, Mami Mimi was built out of recycled and renewable materials that were sourced locally. The beautiful troll sculpture isn't alone either. She is the eightieth addition to the larger family of trolls which are located all over the world.

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Local photographer, Laura Loughran Redmond, captured some awesome night-time shots of both locations. I had the pleasure to speak with her and she gave me some insight to her history and her passion. She stated:

I grew up in Cody. I've lived in Bar Nunn the last 10 years. I've been traveling and taking pictures of the night sky for 3 years now.

When I see something cool or different I automatically think what will it look like at night. Dark skies are the easiest for the stars to show up. Both of these locations had light pollution all around making them very challenging. All images are single images shot with a canon r6 and tamron 15-30mm lens.

Challenges for night photography besides light are wild animals, clouds and wind.

I purchased my equipment locally at Wyoming Camera Outfitters in Casper.

Laura shares her photos on her professional Facebook page: Heart of Wyoming Photography.

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