Lizzo went from working at this Colorado grocery store to selling out shows. This is where she worked in Aurora and how long she lived in Colorado.

The flute playing goddess aka Lizzo (*cue Truth Hurts*) played a sold-out show at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver last night. During her show, she reminisced about her time in Colorado.

She said she used to live in Colorado for a year, specifically Aurora. Here what she said at her show (minus the cuss words):

I'm so happy to be here Denver. You know I used to live here for like a year. Everybody talks about Minneapolis, Houston, Detroit. But I spent a year in Aurora. Working at the King Soopers.

Lizzo goes on to say that this is sort of a homecoming show then. She's not done with Colorado either. Her tour 'Cuz I Love You Too' is in Denver again tonight. She's performing another sold-out show at the Fillmore tonight.

According to 9News, Lizzo was born in Houston and raised in Detroit. She's a boss on the flute and her vocals and style make you instantly smile.

She rapped in high school and joined a progressive rock band when she was 19. Lizzo has lived in Colorado, Minneapolis, and performed at festivals all around the world. She's showing us all that the come up is real. From working at a grocery store to selling out the Fillmore two nights in a row, the sky is the limit.

Lizzo said when discovered her mission, it enabled her to be who she wanted to be, according to her YouTube channel. She says:

If something I rapped, sang or even the beat makes people want to dance and forget everything in the moment, that's the most amazing thing.

We're here for your come up Lizzo and we can't wait to see your next move.

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