We've all seen the stories of someone who has wandered away from a facility and has become lost. The fear you feel for them can in no way represent their own fear or the fear their caregivers have for them.

The cost to a community when something like that happens can be staggering if the search takes very long, or if multiple agencies are involved. So what can be done to minimize the cost while making sure the safety of those at-risk is assured.

It's called Live Track. In Delta county, where this program has been in place for over 10 years, caregivers, community members and search and rescue personnel can rest a little easier because of this fascinating device. Live Track is a wristwatch-sized device that fits on the wrist or ankle and sends out a radio signal which the rescuers can activate and use to find the lost individual.

According to Sheriff McKee of Delta, the device has been used successfully in each case, reuniting the lost individual with caregivers and family. The cost of the device is around $6000-$10,000 but there is no cost to the participants. According to Sheriff McKee, when they originally started offering the device they had to raise money via grants, but now they have it budgeted and can offer it to those who need it most.

When you stop to consider the cost of activating all the entities necessary to search and rescue someone who has become lost, right around that same $10,000 for a 6-hour search, you can see why this device is not only necessary but life-saving. To inquire about the device in Delta for your loved one contact the Delta Sheriff's Office at 970-874-2000.

Way to go Delta!



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