It was 47 years ago that Linda Ronstadt recorded the song Colorado for her gold record Don't Cry Now.

It's most likely that most people have never heard the song 'Colorado' from that 1973 album that delivered the singles Desperado, Love Has No Pride, and Linda Ronstadt's first county hit Golden Threads and Silver Needles. The album was produced by Peter Asher, formerly of the 60s British duo Peter and Gordon. While I love Linda's music I had never heard the song Colorado until now.

Colorado was written by Rick Roberts who, as a musician, spent time with the Flying Burrito Brothers, and Firefall, where he wrote the mega-hits Just Remember I Love You and You Are the Woman.  Of course,  Firefall originated in Boulder, and according to his website, Roberts currently resides in Longmont, so he definitely has a Colorado connection.

The song tells the story of a singer who left the mountains of Colorado to go on the road, but then realizes leaving was a mistake and wants to come home.

Hey, Colorado It was not so long ago I left your mountain To try life on the road

But I'm tired of that race It was much too fast a pace And I think I've found my place Colorado, I want to come home

I guess the moral to the story in the song is sometimes we don't realize how good we have it - until we don't have it.

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