Sportswear company Liquido Active is receiving a firestorm of criticism following the release of a picture from a photo shoot at Hanging Lake.

It wasn't the photo shoot itself that is the problem. It's where and how the photos were taken that has created the outrage. You see, the models and photographer broke the cardinal rule of the pristine lake.

Yup, in spite of posted signs prohibiting swimming and walking onto the log, these three did it anyway. They claim they didn't see the signs and there were other people doing the same thing.

Note: The next two paragraphs are my personal opinion. That response is total crap. The signs are prominent enough that you'd have to be blind or illiterate not to see or read them.

The other part of their logic about 'other people were doing it' is a total cop-out. If they saw someone rob a bank, would that make it ok for them to do the same?

There is some redemption in this careless act that is destructive to the lake's fragile ecosystem. In an interview with 9News Denver, Liquido Active owner Renata Facchini, explains their actions and issues a personal apology for the mistake.

Those of us who really care about and understand fragile places in Colorado need to start calling people out when their actions may cause damage.

Hopefully, we can stop and explain why they're wrong before the damage is done. If they're already in the act, making a big scene could make it stop. If that fails, reporting the activity to authorities and shaming them on social media may work. It certainly did in this case.

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