We are seeing fireworks stands pop up all over the places, which makes sense with the 4th of July being on Saturday. But remember we are dealing with Stage One Fire Restrictions which means under no circumstances are you to light off ANYTHING.

When I was talking with Megan Terlecky from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office she made it very clear that no fireworks are allowed under the current restrictions. That means if you purchase any you will want to save those until the fire restrictions are lifted.

If you or someone you know decides to light off fireworks anyway, you could be facing hefty fines. There is no phone number to contact law enforcement if you see fireworks going off. Please don't call 911 unless there is an actual emergency.

But if there is a fire emergency because you decided to light off a firework you could be facing a Class 6 Felony and can be punishable by fines up to $100,000 and or imprisonment up to 18 months. If someone gets hurt or property gets destroyed in a fire you cause, you will be required to pay all costs related to the fire and there will probably be a lawsuit to go along with that.

Other Stage One Fire Restrictions include:

  • NO Campfires outside of designated fire pits or fire rings
  • NO Agricultural burning without a Sheriff's issued burn permit
  • NO use of explosive targets
  • NO smoking near combustible materials

If you want to stay in the know with Fire Restrictions for Mesa County click here.

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