Oh, my word. this is fabulous news. Seriously, my biggest problem in returning anything to Amazon is the whole process.

Kohl's has started accepting Amazon returns nationwide, including Grand Junction.

Kohl's has been testing this service in other states, such as Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chicago, and Los Angeles, California.

So far, so good.

As for me, this works out perfectly. I order everything on Amazon, but never return anything because of the hassle.

Customers still have to go to Amazon's online return center and pick your drop off location and get a special barcode.

Take it to Kohl's and drop it off. Kohl's packs, labels and sends it off for free.

Voila! Just like that and it's done.

Way too easy.

I'm not the typical shop til you drop girl. Can't stand shopping all day long.

I love Amazon. My only issue was needing to return something. I am now a happy girl knowing this service is available it's the best thing ever.

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