I grew up on meat and potatoes. Being the youngest of five sometimes my parents had to stretch the budget to put food on the table but we were always taken care of. Growing up on lots of Hamburger Helper also made me a little questionable when all the news about plant-based meats came out recently. Like most people, I am hesitant with change. But now it looks as if it's not just beef, now KFC is testing plant-based chicken.

With the recent addition to the menu it looks like most customers are as skeptical as I am, as the Atlanta KFC store sold out of plant-based chicken in less than five hours after being introduced. Starting on Monday, February 3rd, the plant-based chicken will be available at 70 locations. None in Colorado, in fact, all locations testing this will be in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

The plant-based chicken will be available for purchase in portions of four pieces all the way up to twelve pieces.

As a consumer, I am intrigued by this new plant-based fried chicken. I have also been a fan of KFC and love the Coronel's original recipe. My brother has been pushing me to try the meat version that is plant-based he is a big fan. He said the meat truly tastes like beef from a cow which makes me want to give it a shot I just haven't taken the leap of faith yet.

Are you excited to try out plant-based fried chicken?

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