Junior scientists in the Grand Junction area have the chance to pursue their curiosity and interests in animals through the Junior Scientist Academy.

Each of the classes in the series offered through Mesa County Libraries focuses on in-depth study of a specific aspect of science. The academy is open to all children and is free of charge.

Many of the classes are taught by Colorado Mesa University professors. There will also be a class field trip to the Colorado National Monument for one of the studies.

The fall series focus is on how animals adapt to their habitat and environment. The program also offers online activities and suggested reading to further enhance these young scientist's knowledge.

Some of the classes, which will continue December, include:

  • One of These Fish is Not Like the Other - September 26.
  • How Local Animals Adapt to Their Environments - October 22
  • Poisonous and Venomous Critters That May Be Dangerous or Maybe Not - October 24
  • Big Job, Small Mammal - November 28

The Local Animals Adaptation class on October 22 will be held at the Colorado National Monument and due to the limited number of children this class can handle, requires preregistration either online or by calling 970-243-4442.

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