Are you ready for Grand Junction's scariest adventure yet?

The Silo Cave Jump is coming to Grand Junction!

This 75 foot high, 100-year-old silos have been converted into cool climbing walls with 8 different routes you can take to get to the top. But, as they say, what goes up must come down -- and the only way down is to jump into the abyss.

 Get Air at the Silo is an indoor trampoline park located at 715 South 7th in Grand Junction where they have trampoline jumping, dodgeball, a foam pit, slam ball, a ninja course - and now a new addition.

According to the Get Air Facebook page, the Silo Cave Jump opens on Saturday, March 18. So, if the idea of jumping into an abyss of darkness appeals to you and you ready for the thrill, this is definitely the place to be.


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