When an ambulance is on the road, you pull over so it can get to where it needs to go. We all know that, right? Right?!

A motorist driving a Mercedes blocked an ambulance en route to an emergency. What's more, it looked like the Mercedes intentionally obstructed the other vehicle. The incident reportedly took place in Slovakia.

The people in the ambulance recorded the whole shocking scene on dash cam as the Mercedes speedily zipped along right in front of it. The whole episode went on for more than two minutes (and that's not even including what wasn't captured on camera) and what's really amazing is the Mercedes appeared to be heading in the exact same direction as the ambulance without ever turning. It's almost like the driver knew where the emergency vehicle was heading.

Eventually, the ambulance caught up with the Mercedes before passing it, only to have to the driver unleash some nasty language.

The paramedics discussed the need to pass the footage to police, but there's no word what happened to the Mercedes' driver.

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