Have you ever dreamed of being a top-notch restaurateur? A popular Colorado restaurant known for its eclectic farm-to-table menu is for sale.

This respected Grand Junction, Colorado eatery and spirits business offers a remarkable turnkey opportunity for the right person. Are you in the mood to be a restaurant entrepreneur?

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An Amazing Opportunity In Grand Junction, Colorado

The well-known restaurant 626 On Rood is for sale. By that, they mean the business, furnishings, and even the real estate. According to the listing at UC Commercial Properties:

Your new Colorado food and beverage business is not only known for their sustainable operations and collaboration with local farmers to create an eclectic farm-to-table menu, but also the wine bar with an impressive global wine list, featuring a state-of-the-art wine tap system.

The website adds, "Patrons who desire an experience enjoyed from the most comprehensive wine list in Western Colorado come downtown for a great meal, excellent spirits in a comfortable atmosphere."

How Much, and What Do You Get?

The new owner of 626 On Rood will enjoy operating an established business in the heart of Downtown Grand Junction. The building itself is well over a hundred years old, constructed in 1906.

Located at, you guessed it, 626 Rood Avenue in Grand Junction, the property totals 2,250 square feet. It even comes with bathrooms, two of them to be exact.

626 On Rooad Grand Junction Colorado map
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How much would you pay for all this? Before you answer, did you hear the part about the building having a state-of-the-art wine tap system?

When it's all said and done, the asking price for this Western Colorado gem is $1,450,000.

Have You Thought of Owning a Restaurant?

Have you heard the expression, "When you 'own' a business, you don't own it.... it owns YOU"? The website Toast offers a few pros and cons when it comes to owning and operating a food establishment:


  • Buying a restaurant can be affordable
  • It gives you ownership over your life
  • Tech makes your job a lot easier
  • If you do it right, it's a blast


  • Competition
  • Long hours
  • The family commitment

Here's Your Chance

If you're looking for a turnkey opportunity, this may be it. The business has been around a long time and has a strong fanbase.

Now for the disclaimer - I do not know the owners of this restaurant, or for that matter anyone who works there. I am not a realtor, am in no way associated with a finance company, and will in no way benefit from the sale of this restaurant. I love independently owned businesses, especially those in Colorado.

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