Over the past few years, Colorado has proved to be a hotspot for fantastic local restaurants.

It’s to the point where national outlets and shows have taken notice. In particular, Guy Fieri.

He’s been to the state multiple times, including a recent visit to Bohemian Biergarten on January 5.

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However, according to Delish.com, one stands above the rest.

They took a look at every state featured on ‘Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives’ to find the best of the best. Their pick for Colorado is one of the state’s most beloved.

Foolish Craig’s Cafe in Boulder is Ranked as the Best Colorado Restaurant Featured on ‘Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives’

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Foolish Craig’s out in Boulder was ranked by Delish.com as the best restaurant in the state featured on Triple D.

It is also a rare restaurant that has been featured on the show twice. It was first recognized back in November of 2010. However, Guy Fieri couldn’t get enough, going back in March 2021.

Delish notes that their,”...famous Bloody Marys, savory and sweet crêpe dishes, and freshly baked bread,” make this spot an absolute winner.

How did Foolish Craig’s Get Started and What’s on the Menu?

Facebook // Foolish Craig's Cafe
Facebook // Foolish Craig's Cafe

Foolish Craig’s has been going strong since 1998 and has become a Boulder favorite.

At the time of its opening, co-owner Craig Moelis noticed that there weren't too many places making crêpes in town. He combined this with their award-winning bread to create a winning formula.

Their menu has some great breakfast classics, but what makes them truly special is their incredible selection of crêpes.

Their sweet crêpes are fantastic. The Blintz chock is full of strawberry compote, cream cheese, and whipped cream. They’ve also got a Hot Strawberry & Nutella Crêpe adds a chocolate and cinnamon twist as well.

On the other hand, their savory crêpes are to die for. The Breast O’ Pesto combines chicken breast, pesto, onion, sun-dried tomatoes, and cheddar for a truly special crêpe. Another favorite is the classic Foolish Craig (Yum Bacon), which combines bacon, mushrooms, onions, roasted red peppers, and house potatoes topped off with eggs and salsa.

Finally, they have a Butter Rum Caramel Crêpe Cake, which is a favorite of Guy Fieri and was featured on Triple D.

What Are People Saying About Foolish Craig’s?

Facebook // Foolish Craig's Cafe
Facebook // Foolish Craig's Cafe

It’s not just Guy Fieri who loves Foolish Craig’s, but the people are singing its praises as well.

Erin M. on Yelp not only loved the Fugettaboutit Crêpe, which is filled to the brim with bread chicken, cheese, and marinara, but noted that:

“The portions were huge, and the food tasted great”

There’s so much more to Foolish Craig’s than just its crêpes, with Shruti J. noting that:

“Every Breakfast itwm we ordered was good - I liked the biscuits and gravy here!”

On the other hand, Katherine is a huge advocate for the grits:

“The grits…. THE GRITS my god they are fire!!!”

Finally, people seem to love their alcoholic beverages. Whether it's the mimosas or their famous bloody marys, Foolish Craig’s seem to do it right.

Overall, it would seem many people agree with Delish.com’s assessment of Foolish Craig’s being the best Colorado restaurant featured on Triple D.

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