Sex appeal may be in the eye of the beholder, but Grand Junction has just been named one of the sexiest small cities in America.

The folks at are at it again, this time on the prowl for the sexiest small cities in the country. Here's how they came up with their list.

First they made a list of all the cities in the country with a population between 50,000 and 60,000, which narrowed it down to about 140.

Then they collected data from the 2010 Census, plus business listings and figured out night life, lingerie stores, adult stores, adult entertainment, massage parlors, and hotels -- all per capita, plus, the average summer time temperature.

In the study, Grand Junction ended up ranked 9th for most hotels per capita, and 12th for best night life.

I haven't determined yet in my mind if being a "sexy" city is a good thing. Personally, I think Grand Junction is a great city, regardless of whether or not anyone thinks it's sexy.

Here's Motovo's top 10 sexiest small cities. It's not surprising to find a number of Florida cities on the list, nor is it surprising that there are no cities on the list from North Dakota, Wyoming, or Arkansas. But, what is surprising is that no cities from California made it into the top 10.

1) Sarasota, Florida
2)Pensacola, Florida
3)Bradenton, Florida
4)Marietta, Georgia
5)Carson City, Nevada
6)Ocala, Florida
7)Grand Junction, Colorado
8)Lancaster, Pennsylvania
9)Chapel Hill, North Carolina
10)San Marcos, Texas