If you think summers in Grand Junction  are hot now, just wait a few years and they could feel like summers in south Texas.

You may or may not believe in global warming, but a new report  from  Climate Central indicates that by the end of the century, summers in Grand Junction will feel like summers in Laredo, Texas do today - except without the humidity. The report indicates that the average summer temperature in Grand Junction will go from  90 degrees to 100 degrees in the next 85 years.

Imagine the cities that already experience sweltering temperatures. The report says Las Vegas will feel like Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, averaging 114 degrees, while summers in Phoenix will feel more like Kuwait City, Kuwait.

The temperatures are estimates based on green house emissions at current levels, and doesn't account for other factors that could drive the temperature even higher.

The fact is, it is impossible to know exactly how much our climate will actually change within the next 100 years, if at all. But, the expectation is that temperatures could be up 7 to 10 degrees. Would that significantly change your lifestyle? Would it change the way you feel about living in the western Colorado desert? In 85 years  you'll be gone - so do you even care?