You may have heard Sonic has decided to add a new flavor to their slushes, pickle juice. But is Grand Junction ready to be pickled? Here's what my survey found.

Even though Sonic says the pickle juice isn't straight from the jar, but a special pickle syrup, even pickle lovers still have to ask themselves if they would buy it.

The answer is mostly yes, with emphasis on 'yes a pickle juice slush is worth a try.' The results of the survey are below.

  • 53% Love pickles and think a slush with that flavor would be good.
  • 21% Would try it just to see what it tastes like.
  • 16% Said yes to pickles, but No to a pickle juice flavored slush.
  • 5% Said they don't like pickles and they would not try it.

Sonic says the pickle juice can be added to almost anything on the menu, so the survey also had an open category that allowed for those participating to expand their options from the four basic choices.

The best response from the open category, which garnered about 5% of the votes, was "Only with Tequila." If you think about it, that may not be a bad idea. If you choose to take this option, Sonic doesn't serve tequila, so you'll have to add your own.

Sonic is introducing the pickle-juice flavor slush in June and I have been asked by several people if there's any chance there would be a pickle-juice slush tasting party. The answer is, absolutely! I'll let you know when and at which Grand Junction Sonic the tasting will be at.

If you didn't get the chance to vote in the original poll but would still like to offer your opinion, no problem. I've left the poll open so you can still vote.

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