Female presidential candidates are nothing new in American's political scene, but is America really ready for a female president? You may be surprised to learn that the nation had it's first woman presidential candidate nearly 150 years ago.

The current pool of presidential candidates is extremely large -and only time will tell who the last man - or woman- standing will be. Republican Carly Fiorina and Democrat Hillary Clinton are both figuring prominently during this election season - and either one - or both - could end up on the ballot as their respective party's nominee. If at least one of them makes it, it  would mark the first time in history that one of the mainstream parties featured a female presidential candidate on the ballot.

But, the fact is, there have been plenty of female presidential candidates through the years belonging to various parties.The very first one, however, was Victoria Woodhull in 1872, a member of the Equal Rights Party.

According to Neal Katz, author of the historical novel “Outrageous: The Victoria Woodhull Saga, Volume One: Rise to Riches,” Woodhull helped progress enlightened views of a woman’s sexuality by defying the regressive norms of her day. He says "well behaved women seldom make history."

In the coming months we will find out if America is ready for a female presidential nominee - and ultimately if the country is ready to put one in the White House. Regardless of the outcome, the United States seems closer than ever before to it's first female president - and it's all thanks to ground-breaker Victoria Woodhull.