All of us have our moments where we wish we could be in charge and have things our way.

Doing Things Differently

Whether it's the president of the United States, the governor, the city council, or your boss - no doubt you have had thoughts of what you would do differently in a given situation. I think that is very normal.

I would guess we have all been "armchair quarterbacks" at one time or another. We aren't in charge, we're not in control, and we have absolutely zero influence, but we have ideas of how we think things could be better. Of course, it's easy to be critical of those in charge from the comfort of our "armchair."

Not Intending To Be Critical of Anyone or Anything

This post is not intended to be negative in nature or to be critical of Grand Junction's leadership and decision-makers. It's simply an interesting look into the minds of some Grand Junction residents and what changes they would make if they could.

Recently on social media, we asked the hypothetical question, "If I were king, the first thing I would change in Grand Junction is____________. We received some interesting answers, which I have shared below.

As I'm writing this, I can't help but think of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz singing "If I were king of the forest......." Oh, how mighty he would be if only he were king.

Changes You Would Make In Grand Junction If You Were King

Most of us have thoughts in our heads about what we would change in our community or workplace if we had the power. We have the thoughts, but maybe we don't have a platform for expressing those ideas. So, here's the platform. I asked the question "If I were king, the first thing I would change in Grand Junction is_____________. Read on for a few of the responses we received.

What is one thing you would change if you were king? If this got the wheels in your mind turning, get over to our Facebook page, give us your response and we'll add it to the list.

These Photos Show Grand Junction's Drastic Change in a Few Short Years

Grand Junction is growing, there's no doubt about that. These photos from 2008 to now show just how much our small town has changed. In some cases, we have seen dramatic changes with brand new construction, and in some cases, we have seen changes in how we get around Grand Junction. Whether you have been in Grand Junction for a long time or you are a relative newcomer, you can enjoy this look back at how things have changed in Grand Junction over the past 13 years.

See How Much Grand Junction's Population Has Grown Over the Years

Grand Junction is the largest city between Denver and Salt Lake City with a population of just under 64,000. Over the years, Grand Junction has steadily increased in size. While its growth has slowed in recent years, the population has more than doubled since 1990. The following graphics show how Grand Junction has grown over the last 130 years.



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