There's stupid, then there is selfishly stupid. A group of drivers in Colorado Springs is the latter when they decided that their cars were more important than anything else going on while driving on Interstate 25 over Memorial Day weekend.

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The group of cars fully blocked all of the southbound lanes of Interstate 25 near Academy stopping all traffic to avoid hail. To be honest, I wouldn't have believed that this incident would have ever happened if I didn't see the video. The footage was posted on Twitter by Spencer Wilson. This is what utterly selfish looks like:

Would it suck to have your car damaged by hail? Without a doubt in my mind, it absolutely would. Does it give you the right to block off traffic because you think you're entitled to protect your car at the expense of others. Most certainly not.

You can clearly see in this video that the hail isn't all that substantial in size. Deal with the dings like everyone else. Call your insurance and file a claim. Hail is not a new incident in Colorado. If you live here, especially on the Front Range, you need to learn how to cope with our wild weather. If you are that concerned that you may have your car damaged during one of these typical Colorado hail storms, check the forecast and plan accordingly.

Source: Spencer Wilson via Twitter 

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