It has taken me nearly 16 years of living in Grand Junction, but I think I finally know how to pronounce Crag Crest correctly.

Crag Crest is the popular hiking trail on the Grand Mesa. Hundreds, and maybe thousands of people use the trail every year, but how many of them aren't exactly sure how to say it.

Crag looks like it rhymes with "flag," but, the fact is, it could sound like the Colorado town of Craig.

So I conducted a poll, asking people how to pronounce Crag Crest, and the response was pretty overwhelming, and I believe I have my answer. The results of the poll are in.

A total of 75% in the poll said Crag rhymes with "flag." Another 17% think it rhymes with Craig.

Making me feel a whole lot better about myself was another 8% who weren't sure. I am so glad to know that, while I may be in a minority, I am not the only one in the Grand Valley who isn't sure how to say "Crag Crest."

So can 75% of the people be wrong? I don't think so. If I was playing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, I would go with the audience on this one and risk it all.

My final answer, the next time I have to say "Crag Crest," it's going to rhyme with "flag." If someone proceeds to tell me I'm wrong, I will just blame it on the 75% of you who steered me in this direction.

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