February 14, 2019

My Dearest Cup of Joe,

Oh, how I love thee! My loving cup, may I take this time to share how thankful I am for your wonderful aroma, your smooth taste, and your magical flavor. When I think about all the wonderful memories we’ve made together, I get giddy with bliss. I dream about you filling my cup. I think about the next time we will exchange another beautiful moment. When will I experience that warm feeling again? Coffee, nobody else can do what you do for me!

Each cup you deliver is different. Most of the time you are warm and sweet, but even when you are cold and bitter, I still have a love for you that can never fade away. It’s okay Joe, we all have our good days and our bad days. I completely understand! After a bad cup, it takes no time at all to reunite your sensational taste with my taste buds. There are so many ways I can have you. Simply black, or with a touch of cinnamon and honey, or my favorite mix of all … our secret blend!

What you provide for my soul is so dear to me. You are with me in the good times, and bad. You never hold a grudge and are available 24/7. When I think about my past, you have been part of my journey throughout my life. I’ll never forget that first sip and how I just knew we’d never be apart after that awesome escapade. You’ve not only captured my heart, but my family and friends all love you too! It’s a dream come true! I have to pinch myself every now and then to see if this is real. How could I be so blessed to have such a wonderful, savory flavor in my mouth? Truly you have been with me since my youth and I can’t be more grateful.

You keep me healthy Joe-  mind, body, and soul. Holding you makes me feel safe. The security you provide brings me such peace and comfort. When your steam floats above my cup, I smell this breathtaking scent that goes straight to the happy part of my brain. So delicious, as I close my eyes and thank God for you! When I’m down, you always seem to pick me up, when others come to visit you continuously share the love. When it’s cold out, you make my heart feel cozy; when I’m hot, you have a way to melt my heart and cool me off. My love for you is countless and sincere, there’s no end to our love Joe.

My darling bean puff, I treasure each and every bean that is brewed. I don’t take what we have for granted, nor do I expect anything more than what you’ve already given me, which is a complete joy! Thank you, Joe, for completing me in every way. I will defend you, fight for you, and be sure to affirm you. May you never question my faithfulness to how I pour you in my cup, or how I sip each sip! I love you sweet coffee, I really do love you!

Forever yours,

Traci Ann Rock

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