There are not a lot of billionaires in the world, but there are more this year than ever before. According to Forbes, there is a total of 1,426 billionaires in the world, with 442 in the United State, more than in any other country.

Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim is now the richest man in the world, while American Bill Gates is ranked second.

Some of the people on the list are said to have right at one billion dollars. Others have several billion. Just how much is one billion dollars?

Suppose you had one billion dollars.You could spend $5,000 a day for more than 500 years before you would run out of money.

Remember the movie Brewster's Millions starring Richard Prior?  Brewster has the choice of taking one million dollars up front, or taking on the challenge of spending 30 million dollars in 30 days - with no assets to show for it. If he's successful he inherits 300 million dollars.

So, let's see how difficult it would be to spend one billion dollars in the next 25 years of  your life.

For starters you would have to spend 40 million dollars each and every  year.That would mean spending over 3 million dollars each month. Breaking it down even farther, it means you would have to spend over $100,000 every day for the next 25  years in order to spend one billion dollars.

Now let's think about Carlos Slim's money. His  worth is estimated at more than $66 billion. If  you want to spend all of his money in the next 25 years, you're going to have to spend about $7 million dollars every single  day- thats about $5,000 every minute!

If you haven't seen Brewster's Millions, a funny, funny movie co-starring John Candy, check out the movie trailer.