Admit it, it's really hot out.

Staying cool in 100-degree heat is quite the challenge and yet there are ways to stay cool and still stay active.

Let's check out a few.

Waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls.

There is nothing like standing at the base of a waterfall and let the spray wash over you. Instant chill right there. And as far as waterfalls go, there are plenty in Colorado, some as near as Rifle Falls or Rocky Mountain National Park's Calypso Cascades.

Lakes, streams, rivers.

Head out to any lake or stream and let your feet dangle in the cool water. Be advised, though, rivers are still flowing quite fast, so take precautions if you decide to river chill. Highline Lake, Dillon Reservoir and plenty of others are excellent destinations for the cooling-off part of your day.

Go up in elevation

Take a trip to the mountains where you know it will be 15-20 degrees cooler. Quite a number of places to go and have fun in the high country. Pick your favorite and head on up! No matter where you like to go or what you loke to do, a day in the mountains will definitely cool you off.

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