Highline Lake in Western Colorado is getting some major maintenance during the offseason. The new and improved Highline Lake comes with these upgrades.

Since Highline Lake currently has some downtime from all of the fishing, boating, and swimming, some major maintenance is being done. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is currently doing the following improvements:

  • Repairs to the shoreline
  • Repairs to the dam
  • Removing bullfrogs
  • Separating fish

Bullfrogs are actually invasive to the area, which is why CPW removed the little guys. According to CPW's Facebook, this is why they were separating fish:

Using a net attached to the outlet structure we are able to keep the warm fish in Highline separate from the endangered fish in the Colorado River.

I'll be excited to get back to Highline Lake and do some fishing -- and see these upgrades, thanks to CPW. I'd also like to try out paddle boarding, which is perfect in the warmer weather.

See pictures of Colorado Parks and Wildlife hard at work at Highline Lake here.

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