Herberger's in Grand Junction has begun their going out of business sale, so how much money will you save right now?

In April, we learned the Grand Junction Herberger's was one of more than 200 stores its parent company was closing nationwide. It is always disappointing when a retailer has to close the doors, regardless the reason, but the fact is, shoppers then get pretty excited about the prospect of buying some quality merchandise on the cheap.

Zane Mathews
Zane Mathews

What I can tell you is you shouldn't get too excited just yet about all that money you're going to save. The savings in the store is  20%-40%, which doesn't appear to be dramatically different from a typical shopping day in the store.

Here are a few examples of the "savings."

* Shoes 20%
* Children's Clothing 25%
* Towels  30%
* Jewelry  30-40%
* Luggage  35%
* Housewares 25%
* Women's Clothing  30-40%

That means you can get a Cuisanart coffee maker that normally sells for $185 for  'just' $138.75. Or, you can get  Calvin Klein suit separates that normally sells for $425 for "only" $255.

The fact is, you can save money by shopping now, but if you want to save a lot,  you're going to have to probably wait several more weeks. The longer you wait, the more money you will save.

Of course, the savings will increase as the inventory slowly dwindles all leading up to the store's anticipated closure by the end of August.

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