I have to be honest here. I have not been a true country fan for a long time. Oh, there were songs here and there I didn't mind much, but overall, I skipped past country music. But not anymore.

Over the last four days, I have had a chance to see, hear and feel the music. I have had the chance to see it in the faces of the people who attended Country Jam 2017. I felt it from the artists who performed there, both in their performances and in interviews prior to them, they couldn't wait to get out and have fun. The Townsquare Media staff was all excited, working together, having a blast.

Having been involved in rock festival type shows in the past, I can tell you the vibe was completely different. But that's not the main reason why I am now a country fan. It's actually the music.

The music just goes down into your soul, man. If you have ever felt anything about anything there is a song in the country music library that talks to it. And romance? Please. Pick just about any song and there are romantic lines that make me want to go out and buy someone flowers.

This in no way reduces my love for the classic hits. Once a Beatle's fan, always a Beatle's fan, but now, when I hit my preset buttons, one of em is our sister station KEKB.

Country? Consider me a fan.

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